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We’re an audience focused, creative driven, full-service advertising agency that provides pet marketing services focused on the branding, messaging, research, and strategy that pet companies need to stand out.

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Moe’s Healthy Pets

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Bringing an All New Cat Calming Product to Market

Pet Marketing Services Worthy of Best in Show


Thorough research enables our team to gain invaluable insights into consumer behaviors, market trends, and pet owner preferences. By delving deep into demographic data, target audience psychographics, and competitor analysis, we can craft highly tailored and effective advertising strategies that resonate with pet owners, veterinarians, and others. This enables you to maximize your marketing efforts, reach the right audiences, and create compelling campaigns that establish emotional connections with potential customers. Research-driven advertising not only enhances brand awareness and visibility but also fosters trust and loyalty among pet owners, ultimately leading to increased sales and long-term success for your business.


Innovative and captivating creative has the power to leave a lasting impact on audiences, making a brand memorable and distinctive. Through the implementation of cutting-edge design, storytelling, and visual elements, Bigeye can craft unique narratives that resonate with pet owners on a deeply emotional level. Striking the right chord with pet lovers, these creative endeavors evoke a sense of joy, companionship, and loyalty toward the brand.

By investing in standout creative, we help our clients break through the clutter of the competitive pet market and position themselves as industry leaders, ultimately driving brand engagement, customer loyalty, and a considerable competitive edge.


Effective media planning and buying are instrumental in ensuring that our clients' messages reach the right audience at the right time and through the most relevant channels. Through comprehensive market research and analysis, Bigeye identifies the ideal media platforms that resonate with your intended audience. By strategically placing ads in these channels, we maximize brand visibility and create extensive brand awareness for our clients. By targeting specific demographics, geographical locations, and consumer behaviors, we are able to optimize your advertising budget and ensure a higher return on investment. With a robust media strategy in place, our pet clients are able to connect with their target audience more effectively, establish a strong brand presence, and achieve sustainable growth in the competitive pet market.


Leveraging advanced data analytics and tracking tools, Bigeye gathers valuable insights into consumer behavior, campaign performance, and market trends. By analyzing this data, we can continually fine-tune advertising strategies to optimize their impact and effectiveness. In the pet industry, where consumer preferences can evolve rapidly, analytics allows us to stay ahead of the curve and make data-driven decisions to adapt campaigns in real time. 

Understanding which channels, messages, and creative elements resonate most with pet owners enables us to allocate resources wisely and maximize the ROI for our clients. With a keen eye on key performance indicators and actionable data, we empower clients in the pet industry to refine their marketing efforts, enhance customer engagement, and ultimately achieve lasting success in an ever-changing and competitive landscape.

How We Build Captivating Pet Brands

  • Brand & Product Naming
  • Proprietary Ingredient Naming
  • Brand & Product Architecture
  • Brand identity and Messaging
  • Packaging Design 
  • videography and photography
  • Shipping Design
  • environmental design
  • Retail Shelf Design
  • shopify website design and management
  • Amazon Storefront and marketing strategy
  • Pop-Up Installation and activation
  • conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • paid social
  • search engine marketing
  • ppc
  • Sales and Brand Decks
  • Persona Development
  • Qualitative Research Studies
  • Audience Segmentation

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Bigeye conducted a national research study focused on the pet industry. If you’re developing pet products and services, we’re confident you’ll discover the findings as interesting as we did.

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